An appetite for Sailing

It has been a long time since I cruised out to Catalina Island. Being crew on a sailboat is an adventure; sun, wind, fresh air and your body…continually struggling for balance! It is exhilarating. It is exhausting.  All that wobbling, waves and fresh air makes me tired and tired leads to hungry!  It was a six-hour motor sail to Two Harbors, Catalina in order to anchor before the sun went down. There were 5 of us on a 40′ yacht and we each brought enough food for a small army. One of the ladies was the “galley wench” because that seems to be her permanent “job” as crew! But, she does not have to swab the decks and haul the lines like the rest of us!  She does, however, love to make it look appetizing. Happy hour, snacks, lunches and dinners were amazing and I partook in all. 



Our crew went hiking, swimming, snorkeling while I relaxed on the boat, taking in the view and reading. I love hiking but I am no longer fit enough to climb the hills of Catalina. Next year, I hope to be able to revisit this cruise and with enough self-control, desire for change and support, I will be stronger and healthier. Thanks to you Dani for this opportunity to get fit! It all starts this coming weekend.  

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